Paige & Joseph-The Mendenhall Inn

2. Do a painting and wine night.

If you don’t already have supplies for this activity, don’t forget about amazon! Get yourself some canvases, brushes, paint, and your favorite wine. Put some music on and get creative. If you are better at following step by step instructions then I suggest going to youtube and searching “canvas painting tutorials- step by step.” I personally always hated the idea of going to a painting class date night since everyone makes the same picture and why would you need 2 of the same painting in the house? This way you can both have something different that you would like to put up.  

I also I just recently found these paint kits you can buy online! Check out the Amazing Paint Party where you can buy really cool paintings to complete at home.

3. Have a virtual “happy hour” double date with friends online.

Just because we can’t physically hang out with our friends doesn’t mean there isn’t alternatives.

Set up a time for you all to get together on a video call to have some drinks and just chat. Use an app such as zoom where you can chat with multiple people at once. Houseparty is another fun app you can use with multiple people and it has pictionary, heads up, and other fun games already integrated into it to make for a great family night!

 4. Play board games, spice it up with adding a drinking rule.

Time to whip out those board games. Bring it back to your childhood with some of the classics like Monopoly, Uno, Yahtzee, Guess Who, etc. Or one of my favorite games with a group of friends- Cards Against Humanity- could always be done as a virtual video game night too. And if you want to spice things up a little, make up some drinking rule to go along with whatever game you are playing.

  5. What better time for some Netflix and chill? Or Disney plus if that’s more your style! Binge some of those shows you’ve been wanting to see!

Netflix has so many great movies and shows. And we can’t forget about the Disney classics, I am always up for a good kids movie. Or binge watch some shows you wish you had watched. I watched all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones for the first time during maternity leave earlier this year. It was awesome watching the whole thing start to finish. Some of my favorite shows on Netflix or TV that I would totally recommend are: YOU, Stranger Things, Glow, 13 Reasons Why, Self Made, Euphoria, The Outsider, Love is Blind, Shameless, Breaking Bad, Mad dogs (amazon prime), and Truth Be Told (apple tv) were great.

  6. Make some TikToks with your love…..or your pets.

Ok I’ll admit it, I am now addicted to TikTok. My 5 year old son got me into it and now it’s our bedtime routine to scroll through the feed and laugh at all the silly videos. If you guys are dancers, there are endless dance challenges. But my favorites are the pranks, science experiments, and silly stuff. If you’re new to TikTok search these challenges/keywords for some of my favorites: flip the switch, mario kart sound (fun with dogs), the cat with the tape on the paws, patatak, finger slap, any of the couples flip, ohnana, and more!

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7. Bring out your inner kid- make a scavenger hunt throughout the house.

It melts my heart when my husband creates a scavenger hunt for my children on their birthdays to find their gifts. He makes rhyming clues and hides things throughout the house. Be creative and make your own! Add a romantic element and make clues about special moments and hide items. Take a walk down memory lane and print out pictures of you two throughout the years to add into the hunt.

 8. The summer bod is real this year! Get your workout on together. 

Just because the gym isn’t open doesn’t mean you can’t still get your workouts in. I like to find some youtube workouts and put them on in the living room to get it in. We can also take advantage of some fresh air and do a walk/run around your neighborhood. Get creative if you don’t have weights and use what you do have such as milk jugs or laundry detergent, or in my case- a baby. You’d be surprised how many workouts you can do from the comfort of your home.

9. Spring has arrived, so what better time than now to do some spring cleaning!

Ok I’m sure this is not your favvvorite date night idea but I do truly believe you feel better when things are clean and organized. Take the time doing those projects you always said you were going to get to. This is something I have to do as well with a few lingering moving boxes from our January move. Go through your closet and sort through those clothes you think you are going to wear….but realistically let’s admit they’ve been sitting in your closet forever. Rearrange furniture or repaint your room to give the house a new fresh look and vibe!

 10. After you’ve done some cleaning, put that “get rid of pile” on sale on Facebook marketplace.

So I spent some time organizing and cleaning out my garage and then took pictures of the things I no longer wanted and posted them all on facebook marketplace. No joke I made $150 in 3 days just selling random little items. So win win, a little extra cash and no more clutter in the garage. Online yardsales is where it’s at.

11. Find some video games you both can get into.

Mario Kart matches!

Is there anyone that doesn’t love Mario Kart? If you have a gaming system find some fun games you can play together or involve family and friends from their houses to join as well. Racing games and other multi player games could be fun.

12. Have a dance party in the living room.

Have some fun and have a dance party….open bar style.

Pull up some of your favorite songs from your wedding playlist, put on those boogie shoes and enjoy. You can even get dressed up and really pretend like you’re going out on the town for the night. I mean if we trying to go real fancy here, put that beautiful wedding dress back on. It’s not like you have anywhere else to wear it to.

light it up

Atmosphere is everything, so here is something to set the mood. Have fun in your “house club” with this product. This pair of sound activated party lights on amazon are only $21.99 (with good reviews of course)

Take it to the next level…

13. Get into some serious talk by downloading the app “36 questions to fall in love”

Ok this gets deep ya’ll. There is some in depth real questions as well as some light hearted ones as well. The app has a deck of cards with different questions on each. Take turns asking each other questions and possibly learning something new about your spouse.

And that’s our list! I hope you find some activities you want to do with your love. Comment below to tell me which ones that interests you!