Erin and Austin’s wedding was photographed by our amazing associate photographer, Bonnie. She did a great job capturing all the beautiful moments that happened! I love how Austin custom made perfume for Erin and gave it to her as her wedding day gift. Such a sweet and personal touch. And Erin had some gifts for Austin too, including some socks with Erin’s face on it! haha

Austin’s reaction when seeing Erin walking down the aisle was one of the best moments! You could totally feel the love between these two. Oh and the kid crew in the wedding party was absolutely adorable too. I also loved how they thought to do a picture with both sets of their parents holding a picture of them on their wedding days too.

When you both have parents and family that love to dance you know it’s going to be a great wedding. Everyone was on the dance floor all night including Erin and Austin. They truly looked like they were having the time of their lives. After an epic cake smash, Erin and Austin exited their wedding to a glow stick send off!

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