I'm Bridget, 

It's an honor to witness and document your connection - as you walk down the aisle and move across the dance floor, alongside all of the people that mean the most to you. It's so rare to have everyone you love in one space together, celebrating you, so my goal is for you to focus on your day and enjoy it. I do my best to put you at ease throughout the day, so you're free to be silly and get affectionate with the one you love. I tend to shoot with a more relaxed approach (more laughing and less awkward posing), but I also love staying organized with schedules and family portrait lists. I do everything I can to make your day easier and keep you smiling. 

I understand wedding days - I planned, DIYed, and set-up my own wedding the morning of, like a crazy person (not recommended). I think I'm pretty great at catching the tender and hilarious moments throughout a wedding day, so you have images that really feel like you to celebrate the moment your family began. I truly care for my couples. You make this job amazing. When I'm not photographing weddings, you can find me chasing around my kiddos, getting crafty, or looking for a local adventure.


Where did you grow up?:

Zodiac Sign:

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 Best cocktail hour snack:

Favorite part of the wedding day:

What was your first dance song?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

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If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?


On a vegetable farm in South Jersey. My dad's grandparents lived in the house I grew up in

Get To Know your Photographer

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 I love the in-between moments - the finishing touches of getting ready, last minute jitters, quiet moments before the ceremony, side conversations with relatives, and sweet glances between the two of you. For me, these smaller moments when you aren't posing, are just as important as the big moments. I especially love the first few minutes following the ceremony, when all of the planning melts away and you have the opportunity to be yourself, focus on each other, and get ready to party!

Joe and I started dating when we were 18. After ten adventurous years together, we tied the knot. We are raising our two kiddos, Jacob (5) and Nora (1) in Collingswood NJ. We love summer bbqs with friends, the farmers market, live music, and local beer.

I started with film cameras in highschool and college, and am still drawn to film. I have always had a camera with me, especially when traveling or going to concerts. I bought my first professional dslr in 2015 to better document my growing family. I started shooting weddings professionally in 2017.

Since we're talking weddings - for our first real date, Joe and I went out for my 18th birthday. Inside my card, he wrote the lyrics to "Stellar" by Incubus. I walked down the aisle to that song.

Also, I have a degree in Interior Design. I love architecture, and we are currently, very slowly, renovating our 1911 home.

My dad passed away last year, and even though we made the best of our time together, you never realize how many questions you have until someone is gone. Right now, I wish I could pick his brain about gardening. It would bring me so much joy to cook him dinner in my new house with the kids running around.  

Darius Rucker - History in the Making. We lived together in North Carolina for several years, and it was a nod to that time in our life. 

Kauai, Hawaii. It's a less populated island, and where they filmed Jurassic Park. We did some kayaking and took a helicopter ride, but most of the honeymoon was spent just relaxing on the beach with drinks in hand and some fish tacos.  

I love all of the fruit, cheese, and olives.