I'm Bonnie, 

As a wedding photographer, I am not only someone to capture your wedding but someone to call your friend. I pride myself on how easy I am to work with. I want my part of your day to be as much a great memory as the memories I capture on your behalf. Therefore, on your wedding day, you’ll see me smiling at you, laughing with your bridesmaids, and dancing alongside your fiance’s grandmother. 

In all seriousness, I am drawn to emotion, family, humor, love, in-between moments, and above all, to all that you value. Weddings are the greatest days of families’ lives and to be the keeper of those memories…well, it fills my heart with joy. Oh, and one more thing. I LOVE to answer questions about weddings and to help brides plan their day. The more neurotic you are with me, the more I fall in love with you.

  I like to think I am funny and cute but really, I think I’m just goofy and talk too much. I have three roles in this life: Mommy, Teacher, Photographer, and Mommy. All three of these roles are vitally important to me. Wait, did I put mommy twice? Ugh! Mommy brain.


"Bonnie was our photographer and she made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. So many people told us that our engagement and wedding photos were the best they’ve ever seen."


Where did you grow up?:

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If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Taurus, but that's weird because the only thing I'm stubborn about is how I am not stubborn about anything!

I grew up in South Jersey (Cinnaminson and Delran to be exact!)

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I love the moment when the bride is getting in her gown. It's such a watershed moment for her. Everything in her life that has brought her to this moment that is culminating right in front of my eyes. And then I think to the future, when she has kids and grandkids...I can see it all playing out in that moment she dons the gown. It. Never. Gets. Old.
Sidenote: I also love when grandparents let loose and try to floss during the reception. That's a close number two. 

I  married my HS sweetheart! We've been together for 26 years and I'm only 41. We have three kids, one of whom is destined to either become a world leader or an assassin of a world leader. Haven't quite pinned her down yet. I have a kitten who was adopted from the North Pole and a puppy who was adopted from a high kill shelter in Texas.

I have been into photography my whole life. I really started studying it in HS when we were developing with the darkroom but I stopped pursuing that dream to become a teacher. When I became a parent, I started using my dSLR more and became more adept. I finally started to realize people would pay me to take their picture!

My dad grew up in Princeton and my grandfather ran a successful restaurant in the 50s. One time, this "bum" came in wearing pajama slippers looking completely dishheveled. My grandfather swiftly and indignantly threw him out of the restaurant. That "bum" was Albert Einstein. 

Bob Iger. My thought process is this: if I could meet him, charm him, and make him realize how much better my life would be with a family lifetime pass to Disney, it would be worth all the effort.   

The Luckiest by Ben Folds Five and only because of the first stanza. It spoke to me and the journey we took to our wedding day.  

Riviera Maya!! I wanted to go to Hawaii or Aruba but my husband does not travel well so we went for the most tropical location with the least amount of air sickness.  

Oh sweet lord, that's like trying to pick a favorite bride. I mean, the obvious answer is cheese because, well duh. But I am going to have to go with the mini-grilled cheese and tomato soup served in a shot glass. I'm a sucker for that.